Happy Wellness Wednesday!! Forgive!

Nearly everyone has been hurt by action or words of another person could of been a friend, a mother, a boss, or a partner and we all know that words or actions can leave a lasting feeling.  But being healthy is about forgiving, forgiving yourself and the person or people who hurt you, by not forgiving you could possibly be blocking your blessings. Unforgiveness causes you to feel bitter, resentment and it also could hurt you physically yes there are physical complications that you could experience, it’s totally not worth it. Listen when you forgive you release that person, and you take back that control that they have over you, you’ll then start walking in total freedom, abundance, all of the spiritual gifts. Learning to forgive wholeheartedly is the key to walking in a health and wellness shoot there are a few people that I could be mad at that hurt me but I forgive them, I can speak to them even give them a hug but I don’t have to be friends with them and I don’t have them all up in my space no lol. Today, this day I’m asking you to forgive those who have hurt you and forgive yourself for holding that unforgiveness in your heart it’s too much …. let it go so you can grow and be healthy and well. Wellness matters and wellness is part of being healthy. 

I talk about this more in my book health and wellness is so important to me, it’s one reason why I wrote the book Fit Over It and that too. Get the book and read more about forgiveness.

Coach Carmen

Fit Over It and that too.