DrumFIT Fitness is a simple, fun way to impact adults’ and kids’ lives both physically and mentally. It is a cardio-based drumming program that combines physical activity with brain fitness. It’s super fun!!

A HUGE thanks to all of you who continue to come to my Drumfit Fitness class thank you all I really appreciate you, my goal is to fill the whole parking lot up yes, yes.. Ok listen when I first decided to teach this class I thought about the impact this particular class could and would have…listen this class would make difference in everyone’s life of all ages and build our community creating a healthy community.. my goodness, a class that focuses on helping with decreasing stress, anxiety, it also increases your energy, helps with weight loss, getting fit, overthinking and the list goes on and on thank you lord for trusting me with this…listen this class is going to grow with you or without you, and one day the list will be too full to add anyone you all know how that goes. All I’m saying is if you know you need help come get the help, don’t wait on your friend to come or sisters to come you know they are procrastinators and they always got an excuse, don’t make their excuses your excuses.